Congratulations for being selected for our Ambassador Program!

Lord Edward Linen is a brand dedicated on delivering the highest quality linen clothing for Men & Women. We are Australian based and our whole brand is about that beachy, vacation, vibe. It’s where style meets class, with a casual linen look.

We are looking for girls and guys that love this vibe and lifestyle as much as we do!

What’s in for our brand ambassadors?

We see  all our ambassadors as a big family and we are looking to build a relationship with you as well as share all the benefits of our business’ growth with everyone involved!

Our Ambassador program is splitted into 2 phases; the newbie ambassadors and the official established ambassadors. After you have went through our initial check and have made it to this step, you’re entering the ‘Lordedwardlinen newbie ambassadors’, as soon you receive your first 5sales from your personalised code you will automatically be a ‘Lordedwardlinen official ambassador’.

Being an official ambassador will give you the following perks:

  • 30% commission on EVERY sale with your code
  • Free products
  • New collections before the official launch
  • Invitations to our exclusive ambassador networking events and parties
  • Exposure on all our channels

What’s next?

  1. Before you can start promoting and getting in your first sales with your personalised discount code we require you to purchase a minimum of one item from our shop. To do this we created an ambassador discount for 20% off (“ambassador20”). IMPORTANT do not share this code! This is an exclusive discount for shortlisted ambassadors!
  2. Come back to this form and complete the form below.
  3. Your personalized discountcode (10%)  for your followers and friends will be ready and active in about 24h.
  4. You can start promoting straight away or when your order has arrived!
  5. We will be tracking all purchases coming from your code and will inform you immediately after your first 5 orders came through.
  6. You are now a Lordedwardlinen Official Ambassador and will receive all the perks listed above.

Ambassador registration Form


How much will I be paid?

You will be paid 30% of the profit. This is calculated as follows: [(Revenue) – (Production Costs)] * 0.30

When will I be paid?

You are paid for every 5 sales that you generate with your unique discount code.

Why do you do the commission style for posts? Can I just receive a one-time payment before I post?

Typically, our policy with accounts under 30k followers is to not send products. Sorry for any inconvenience.

How will you know that I have sold anything?

We track everything through the number of times your discount code was used. 🙂

Do I have to make a purchase before getting my discount code?

Yes. Our values are to our have people promote us that stand behind our brand and clothing 100%. Therefor it is necessary to have and actual Lordedwardlinen product in order for the promotion to be authentic. We will send you everything out for free plus pay you just after you have proved yourself to have the right audience. Therefor, the initial money spend will be back to you in no time!

Will I get exposure on your Social Media channels?

Yes! We love sharing our ambassadors content on our social media channels, just make sure you tag us in our posts plus use #lordedwardlinen